Music and Entertainment

Million Dollar Promotion: 

We have all been together in our promotion approximately one year, we operate on a non-profitable basis for the promotion, how-ever there are rules that we strictly operate by.
We all are dedicated proformers that frequently dj in the South West of England.  We are the best in our profession with links the radio and other promotion organisations.  We also have links into clubs and venues that we operate in to give our audience the best in entertainment.
As well as radio as a major part of our advertising we also distribute flyers and promote our clubs and venues through flying and have links to promotional distributors.
We promote most of the best event's in the South West, within all the South West's best club's and venue's.  In our home town we promote all of the South West club's and venue's.  We have most of the our event's publicised through all of our promotional distributors, from radio to website's.
Our promotion is one of the newest in digital processed music and all of our dj's has digital processer's to digitally enhance the sound of their music.  This is what give's our promotion the edge over most of competiter's.
We can guarantee a proformance to equal any other in the South West, we have many competiter's this is why we can offer the type of music that our audience's like and want to listen to.