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Million Dollar Promotion:

We have ALL the following genre's in our vast library of music. However, if there are any other particular songs that you would like played at your particular event please let us know in advance.  Similarly, if there are anything that you do not see listed here, let us know.

Our dj's can play ALL the tune's that you will normally hear in any club or venue these are just a few of the genre that we specialise in the South West.  Within these genre we play ALL the latest club's hits from the UK and USA.

  1. Hip hop
  2. R'n'B
  3. Bashment
  4. Funky House
  5. Garage
  6. Grime
  7. House
  8. Baseline
  9. Dubstep
  10. Pop

Our Dj's will have the latest in musical genre to give our promotion the best in musical entertainment, for our audience to enjoy.  The music we promote within these genre's are the most popular listened, in every day music.

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