Music and Entertainment

Million Dollar Promotion:

We have radio promotion in the South West, through all of our events and all promotion's as access to radio promo.

This is to promote our event's in the South West, and to let our audience know that we are the promotion that will be the way of the future.  Our package's for radio is competitive and we can broadcast within week's of notice of the event's.

We promote in all the South West club's and venue's so we can promote your event where and when ever you will like.  This is the promotion with a difference that we pride ourselves, in the work and the event's that we promote in our club's and venue's throughout the South West.

We have experienced dj's from radio, which play with our promotion that are experienced dj's which promote the music that our audience will want to listen to.  This is why we have a maximum capacity at our event's of 1,500 strong at any one event.

If you listen to radio in the South West you will be able to listen to our dj's live on air at any time of the day or week.  This is why our promotion give's the audience the promotion which they will like and want to attend.

For througher detail's you can contact me through the website.