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Million Dollar Promotion:

Million Dollar Promotion is an entertainment industry that has been formed to boost entertainment and to promote the music industry of every day music.

We play in club's and venue's in the South West of England, we play for the general massive who like the clubland music entertainment industry. The music that we play are: Hip Hop, R'n'B and Bashment and much more.

We have a passion to entertain our audience throughout the South West of England, making delivery of an audible selection of beats and rhythm for all type of audiences, all types of ages, all types of cultures.

We have a wide range of dj's, that are clubland dj's who perform in our clubland venues, giving entertainment to all that attend our club's and venue's. Dj's that specialise in promoting the music industry, from clubland venues to radio stations, playing the best in all genre and musical influences.

We have customers service staff, that will help you make your night as enjoyable and relaxed as possible, there roles include queue functions, courtesy and introductions and plus operational management. They are for your convenience so please feel free to ask our customers service staff any questions that will make your night a more entertaining and enjoyable event.

Making access to these club's and venue's easy and accessible, we have stewards that will make your nights enjoyable and secure. The security in our clubs and venues are tight all door safes have a responsibility to ensure your entertainment is enjoyed in safety, supervision is paramount to a successful and enjoyable event.

Prices are usual club and venue rates, that will range from a normal weekend or a professional promotional night, with guest entertainers and celebrity artists. Both from local, London and United Kingdom artists brought together in one venue.

The drinks on the night will be in house beverages supplied by the club or venue, at house prices with exception to big labels such as House Wine and Champagne, these prices may vary from venue to venue.

With easy convenient access to public services from, 'The Night Flyer,' to any of our local, 'Taxi Services,' that operate in our local central district, with on call stewards to assist in any emergencies.

Million Dollar Promotion is guaranteed to give you a night of extreme pleasure, from dj's to the best in musical entertainment, with a bonus of a good party atmosphere that will challenge the best of promotions.







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